Unable to pull with realm-cli. Freezes after selecting Atlas project


I had my realm-cli working correctly until a few days ago however it stopped working suddenly. When I run realm-cli pull --remote <my-app-id> it shows me a list of Atlas projects to choose from, and once I select the atlas project it just freezes at that point.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

So it seems that there’s an issue with the credentials? When trying to login using the api key using realm-cli login --api-key <my-api-key-name> --private-api-key <my-api-key-value>
I see this error: login setup failed: unsupported login type, use one of [cloud, local] instead

I’m using node v16.13.2 and realm-cli version 2.3.3.

Please point me to the correct documentation on how to correctly login.

The issue was just fixed with 2.3.4: Default value required for --auth-type · Issue #247 · 10gen/realm-cli · GitHub

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