Unable to pass lab check

I’m doing the lab of Lession 1 in MongoDB CRUD Operations: Insert and Find Documents (for Node.js).

I keep getting the following error:

Which cluster and database does the auto-grader expects me to use?

The lab starts without any MongoDB connection so I used my connection string for myAtlasClusterEDU. And seems like the only database that has an accounts collection is sample_analytics, so that’s the db I used.

Does any one know how to resolve this? Thanks!

I encountered a similar problem.
tried with the atlas auth login , and selected the default project to the MDB_EDU project, authorize it from the cli, still the lab couldn’t check fo the data that was inserted,

reporting an incorrect solution, despite I have checked both in atlas, and compass inserted the document to the right database,

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Same issue here getting error “document couldn’t found in database”.

Hi All,

Can you please check again if you are still getting the same issue?

In case you are, I would recommend you to send an email to learn@mongodb.com with details such as:

  • Course name and lab you are facing issue with.
  • What is the exact issue that you are getting?

Happy Learning, cheers!

Hi Tarun,

The issue has been resolved, and it’s working now. Thanks.

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