Unable to open IDE - Error 1200

I am doing the M103 course and I can’t open the IDE therefore I am unable to do any lab exercise.

I was trying to use my mac terminal but I am unable for some reason to complete the lab exercise. The terminal gives some errors and searching the issue seems I have no choice but use the mongo IDE

Can someone help me out please?

Try a different browser or incognito mode

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Thanks, well the incognito mode worked and even clearing all caches and cookies too. Oddly enough sometimes it gets stuck on loading and give 1200 error.

Perhaps someone should investigate this issue, cannot be possible go to incognito or clearing caches all the times

Hi :wave: @Mattia_Sestili,

Thanks for your feedback, we will pass it on to our platform team!

However, please refer to the FAQ of M103. It might be helpful for you!

If you have any further questions, please feel free to reach out to us.


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