Unable to login with realm-cli 2 beta

When trying to login with the latest real-cli 2 beta on windows 10 I am getting the error:
login failed: Post “/api/admin/v3.0/auth/providers/mongodb-cloud/login”: unsupported protocol scheme “”
With previous version I have no issue.



Hi @michael_schiller I’m trying to reproduce this now. What’s your output from realm-cli --version?

I’m getting the same error as you on Windows (using 2.0.0-beta.5), but I can log in without problems from a Mac. I’ll look into it

@michael_schiller the engineers are working on this problem, but a workaround is to add these options --realm-url https://realm.mongodb.com --atlas-url https://cloud.mongodb.com

You only need to include the extra options once.


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