Unable to install mwingw

I have the following errors.
Is there a method to diagnose or a workaround?


I have had similar issue. What I did was I uninstall MinGW and reinstalled and it worked. I followed the following steps:

Note: I am using Windows 10 machine

On Windows 10:
go to C:
Delete the directory MinGW
Reinstall MinGW

This is still not working.
Can I get some help please.
Which browser is the tool trying to use for URLS?
The downloads work manually.

The tool automatically connects to internet and start downloading.

I am using the url https://sourceforge.net/projects/mingw/files/ in chrome browser

In the website, click on the “download latest version” green color icon. It will download the .exe file. Then run the .exe file and follow the instruction.

Please make sure you delete the directory MinGW in C:\ before reinstalling

I don’t have chrome.
Is that a pre-requisite?

No. it doesn’t matter. You can use any browser.

urls are working from firefox but the tool doesn’t seem to be able to do a download

Hi Lisa_43494,

Are you using any anti-virus or check if firewall is blocking the request when you are using tool?

Also, please share your OS details.


I am also facing the same issue.
I disabled the firewall and the anti-virus ; however the issue still persists.

OS - Windows 8

Hi @dexter9,

Please confirm if you are getting the same error as in the screenshot below:


If yes, then the downloaded file might be corrupted as everything did not get downloaded properly.
Can you please try to delete everything and reinstall?

In case, the issue that you are facing is not the same as this one, kindly share a screenshot of the same so that we may understand it better and provide a solution accordingly.

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Hi Muskan,

Thanks for your inputs. Yes , the error was same as the screenshot. It did not work despite disabling the firewall and antivirus.

However I had resolved the issue with a different work-around.

I individually downloaded those 5 packages(tar.gz files) byvisiting the links directly.

Then I placed these 5 tar.gz files in C:\MinGW\var\cache\mingw-get\packages folder.

This worked out fine.



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