Unable to find Java driver documentation that uses $geoNear

Hello there.
Can somebody post the java equivalent of this query please?
db.users.aggregate([ { "$geoNear": { "near": { "type": "Point", "coordinates": [ 17.487652, 78.385807 ] }, "maxDistance": 5000, "spherical": true, "distanceField": "distance" }} ]).pretty()

Hello @manlan, welcome to the community.

You can use the MongoDB Compass’s Aggregation Pipeline Builder to build an aggregation query and then Export Pipeline to Specific Language - to Java.

Also, see the Java Driver Tutorials on Aggregation and Geospatial Search

Thank you for the welcome!

Oh this is great! I’ll check it out, thanks a ton!

I tried the above suggested approach.

My input aggregation is this:
{ "near": { "type": "Point", "coordinates": [ 17.487652, 78.385807 ] }, "maxDistance": 5000.0, "spherical": true, "distanceField": "distance" }

It gave me Java code which is equivalent to this Kotlin code:

var stage = listOf(
				eq("\$geoNear", and(
				eq("near", and(
                eq("maxDistance", 5000.0),
                eq("spherical", true),
                eq("distanceField", "distance"))))


But I get this error :confused:

'$geoNear requires a 'near' option as an Array' on server

Also, I see in the logs that my application code above is turning into this during runtime:

"pipeline": [
						{"$and": [{"type": "Point"}, {"coordinates": [17.487652, 78.385807]}]}
					{"maxDistance": 5000.0}, 
					{"spherical": true}, 
					{"distanceField": "distance"}]

Can you help me understand what’s going wrong?


I tried your aggregation pipeline:

      $geoNear: { 
          "near": { "type": "Point", "coordinates": [ 17.487652, 78.385807 ] }, 
          "distanceField": "distance" 
          "maxDistance": 5000.0, 
          "spherical": true, 

It works fine when run from the Compass (v 1.21.2, MongoDB v4.2.8), the mongo shell and the Java code (Java driver 3.12.2).

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