Unable to find datasets

I have installed mongodb on my PC so started to do hands on practice, but not able to find the data-sets only can anyone help me with this???

Like someone can provide link for datasets, one I got is movies data-set only I also want other and before Tuesday.

Let me dig around… I believe Kanika posted a link with a dump of the shared student cluster…

@Kanika, do you still have the URL for the datadump of the shared databases? I recall that you posted it before, but it’s a bit hard to find :slight_smile:

@Neeraj_88647 @Tess_Sluijter If they’re talking about the JS files for the course, I think they are linked in the far right column on the syllabus page for the course under “Handouts”

Hi @Mike_67094!

In the past, various people have asked to download the full dataset for the training, because their systems are not allowed to make outside connections. So they have to run all the tests locally on a Mongo of their own.

Kanika shared the download link for that full data set in another thread, here: