Unable to find "Advanced system settings under System Properties and click 'Environment Variables...'"

Dumb question…

Installing Rsync and SSH on Windows 10, 64bit machine

This is the step by step instructions verbatum:
Assuming you’ve kept the default installation path rsync and ssh should be installed to the C:\MinGW\msys\1.0\bin directory. In order for these tools to be accessible via the command-line (and Vagrant) you’ll need to add this directory to your PATH environment variable.

First go to Advanced system settings under System Properties and click “Environment Variables…”

My issue is, I’m stupid. I can’t locate “Advanced system settings.”

I looked under the bin folder properties in file explorer, each rsync and ssh file properties return the same results as the folder. I’m not sure where to find the “System Properties.”

Face palm ensuing, any help is much appreciated! Thanks!

Control Panel\System and Security\System–>click Advanced system settings
edit environment variable