Unable to download the handouts (loadMovieDetailsDataset)


Access Denied



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There’s a very recent post from @Ramachandra_37567 that provides a working solution re this.
Please search the discussion board using the search facility:

Hi there,

If you change the forward slash to underscore as in between M001/2019/October to M001_2019_October you will find that all files can be downloaded

So for example the link from:

should do the trick…


Hi @Bashudev_60117,

Due to some technical issue, some of our users are not able to download the files in the handouts section. We are looking into it and the issue will be fixed soon.

Meanwhile, please use this link to get access to the download links of all the handouts in the M001.

Hope it helps!

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer