Unable to download the handouts from s3 url

Hello, I was unable to download the handouts today - https://s3.amazonaws.com/edu-downloads.10gen.com/M121_2018_October/static/handouts/m121/aggregation_structure.js
Get connection timed out for some reason

anyone else having this same issue ?

Are you still having this issue? I just checked and was able to download the file.

This could be down to the CDN that is being used and the geographical location of @zac1. I’m running through another course and had issues downloading the larger JSON files. My speeds crawled down to <20kBps.

One work-around was to spin up an AWS instance near to my geo-region and download the file onto that box. From there on, I could forward the file to my private testbed. It’s a bit of a hoop to jump through, but it did work :slight_smile: