Unable to dowlnoad compass

good evening kanika,
I am unable to download mongodb compass .
I have filled that overlay form but nothing is happening in its response.
plz plzz look into it.

Hi Mansha_16263,

I am sorry for your experience, please click this link

After clicking on Download, your download will start immediately. Let me know if you are still facing issues.

Thanks, Kanika

Again the same thing mam.
on clicking download an overlay form came up , i filled it but on clicking submit , download did’nt start .

Hi Mansha_16263,

Please share the screenshot. A screenshot will help me better understanding of the problem.


Hi Mansha_16263,

I am able to download it just fine. Seems like a browser or permission issue!

Please try download using another browser.

Thanks, Kanika


It was a browser issue .
I am using chrome since a long time but I never got an issue like this .
anyways, it is downloading now.
Thankxx a lot mam.

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Hi Kanika, I am not able to download either. It even says No Download Necessary;

When I fill in that on the right, I get this;

Please help?

Hi Sigrit_47400,

This is the Atlas Account creation page. You will soon learn about this in the next chapter.

You have to go to Compass tab. For now, click on this link.

Click on Download and you will be fine.

Thanks, Kanika

Thank you! Seems that there is an ‘old download center’ and I got directed to the new one. Maybe worth a mention in the course.

Sure Sigrit_47400

We will soon update the course with the updated link. Thanks for your note!

Good Luck with the rest of the course.

Thanks, Kanika

Hi Kanika,
I am not able to install compass. It keeps saying ‘installation has failed’.

PFB setup Log.


Hi betsy_s,

Which version you are downloading?


Hi, I’m having an issue where all I seem to end up with installed (even if I download the Stable) is the Community Edition and I can’t see the schema tab. Am I doing something wrong?

Check your Applications and make sure you are running Stable version. If you don’t need Community version, just uninstall it and install Stable again. To be sure, here is the screenshot:


Got it to work in the end. The “msi” kept installing community, so just used the zip and ran Compass from the extract directory. Works just fine :slight_smile:

Hi Kanika, I have downloaded MongoDB Compass
Link - https://www.mongodb.com/download-center/compass
When I click on downloaded MSI file, installation window appears and then disappear. I am not sure if it has been installed successfully. Also, I am unable to launch the compass. Could you please help me with this. Your help is much appreciated !

Hi Shubh_bf,

Sorry for the trouble. If you can clarify what is the issue when you are launching Compass?

Also, meanwhile if you can please try downloading with ZIP option?


Hi Kanika,

Thanks very much for your prompt response !

I have now downloaded with ZIP option and I am now able to connect to compass.

Regarding MSI option, I downloaded MSI successfully but when I try to install MSI file, I did not receive any error message. It was just a installation window comes up and then it gets disappeared.

Please let me know if you need any further details.

Hi @Gursewak_81510,

I have already responded to you in this thread. For future reference, please do not create duplicate posts for the same issue.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Services Engineer