Unable to do copy/paste on mongo shell on Windows cmd prompt

On the video lesson " Creating Documents: insertMany()", the instructor is able to copy/paste the sample script to demo the insertmany operation into the mongo shell. I’m using a windows machine (Windows 10) and using windows cmd line tool to login to mongo shell. I’m not getting an option (if I right click inside windows cmd line tool). So, unable to practice the insertmany operation. Please help

Many options are open.

  1. You may always cut-n-paste the sample script in a file with notepad and use the mongo shell command load() to run it.

  2. If cut-n-paste is not available, which is very unlikely, you may always type the commands directly at the prompt or in a file.

try to copy and then right click on the cmd prompt wherever you want to paste the copied document. worked for me!!

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