Unable to delete schemas

Hi there.

I’m struggeling a bit with mongodb realm when i make major changes to the models.
So far i’ve had to delete the app and create a new one - sometimes also the cluster, and it’s getting a bit tedious…

I don’t understand this, as i’m in development mode, and according to the documentation, this should allow schemas to be updated automatically.

I just removed a ‘Required’ tag from a partition field - i know this is a destructive change, so i:
a) Deleted database
b) Deleted schema (all schemas), by clicking remove configuration. Realm → schema → ‘REMOVE CONFIGURATION’
c) Deleted ALL installations of the app.

However i’m still getting:
Property ‘ChatMessage._partition’ has been made optional." failed?

When i check the schemas again, the previous schemas has been added again, and all changes are ignored…

Any idea as of what i’m doing wrong?

Check out this thread: [Performing destructive changes to synced Realm]. It helped me get out of a similar jam. This information really needs to be in the documentation to avoid future gnashing of teeth.


Thanks for the reply.

I’ve already tried deleting the data - even the entire database when i make those changes, but no luck. The old schemas just reappear, like they are cached somewhere.
But yes i agree - documentation is lacking a bit in regards to schemachanges and development-mode.