Unable to create virtual env for Mflix. (virtualenv -p YOUR_LOCAL_PYTHON3_PATH mflix_venv) command with the issue

Hello , I have installed Python 3.8 (latest) and managed to install pip successfully.
Now, on the step - “virtualenv -p YOUR_LOCAL_PYTHON3_PATH mflix_venv”
I am getting attached error. I’m not able to proceed further.
Please advise what am I doing wrong?

NOTE- I am going with virtual env, I did not install Anaconda.

Also getting attached error while running “pip install -r requirements.txt”.

It installs some of them and getting failed midway as shown. What should I do?

This error suggests that the Python path is not executable. Like, I have Python executable here: /usr/local/bin/python3.7, like if I am running the below command on my shell, it will open up a python shell. Is it the same for you?



I have installed Python 3.8, it has taken some other location. So, my Python executable is in some other folder. I somehow found it and passed it in the command. And it has created the virtualenv now. Thank you for this one.

I did give the exact path where Python executable is stored, but it was still not working. Finally I had to give the file name ‘python.exe’ at the end of path to make it work.

Any suggestions on pip -r requirements.txt error ?

I am not sure about that as it seems it is some third party EasyInstall which is doing the work. Let me search on this more and get back to you. :slight_smile:


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Thanks a lot for helping me :slight_smile:

Because of this failed step, I am not able to run “python run.py” , it gives me ModuleNotFound error.

Hi @Antrikshhii17,

Can you share the complete output when you run pip install -r requirements.txt. Make sure to use pip only.


Found these github links with the discussion but not sure about the solution here:

Can you try installing pgen module yourself? Which is shown missing in the output.


I was taking screenshots (total 5). Great to see you found something to try as alternative so quick. I will try to follow the steps and get back to you.

Thank you very much for helping :innocent:

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This is fixed. Thank you Kanika for all your help.:slightly_smiling_face:

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