Unable to connect via Mobile Phone hotspot


What is causing a: Error: queryTxt ETIMEOUT cluster… when attempting to do development work on an app and using a mobile phone hotspot to connect to the internet and therefore MongoDB? It’s intensely annoying, and there’s very little in the way of documentation or solutions. After trawling through StackOverflow I have added the IP address of my phone to the list of IP addresses under network access settings, added, and I already have . People talk about Node versions etc but that’s not the issue at all.

Everything works fine on a nornal wifi network, just when using my mobile hotspot my app refuses to connect to Mongo.

Very grateful for any advice,

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If you are connecting with the mongodb+srv:// protocol it’s probably a DNS issue, i.e. the DNS server of your mobile network provider is unable to resolve SRV records. (Google’s public DNS server) does not have to go in the Atlas access list, you need to set it as the DNS server your computer is using when connected to the mobile network.


Many thanks Massimiliano, that works perfectly

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