Unable to connect to Mongo


Please make sure to disable firewall or anti-virus. Also, check that you have whitelisted the IP from your cluster.


Hi Kanika. Thank you for providing information I have disabled my firewall and added IP address to the cluster still facing the same issue.
and not able to do the following step. Please help me with this4 .


Hi @Pujitha_46174,

In this step, you just need to copy the connection string which is showing just below. And click on Copy (after replacing the password).

Then, open your terminal/command line and run the command.

If you have more troubles on how to use Mongo shell / connections issues, I would recommend doing M001: MongoDB Basics before having a deep dive in M220J. The M001 course will give you a good understanding on what is MongoDB, how to download/connect and Atlas GUI etc. :slight_smile: