Unable to connect to DB from Atlas

Hi, I am trying to connect to my DB in Atlas using Shell, Compass and even VS Code extension. I am unable to connect. I have set the IP address in Atlas as So, I should be able to connect. Please suggest how to go about and let me know if you need more information.
Shell version: 0.12.1
Error details:
mongosh “mongodb+srv://cluster0.cunqg.mongodb.net/sample_airbnb” --username m001-student
Enter password:
Current Mongosh Log ID: 60967ba6fd7c3ee6af808102
Connecting to: mongodb+srv://cluster0.cunqg.mongodb.net/sample_airbnb
Error: querySrv ENOTFOUND _mongodb._tcp.cluster0.cunqg.mongodb.net

I was able to do the DNS query above. So either it was a temporary issue or your DNS provider is not up to date. If the error persists, try switching DNS provider to and

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Changing DNS worked. Thanks for the help!


Thanks for providing a quick, helpful answer @steevej!