Unable to connect to Atlas Cluster - lab

I am in Chapter 1 final lab. I am unable to connect.

Here is the screenshot

The password that I am using is m001-mongodb-basics

What is the error that made me unable to connect to the cluster?

The second screenshot is

Hello @Alvin_Yong ,

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You are doing great. In the connection string replace “myFirstDatabase” with the name of the database. Thanks

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Just to confirm the name of the database is Sandbox. Am I right?

I am still unable to connect even I have replace myFirstDatabase to Sandbox


Take it easy. Just review this “Lab: Create and Deploy an Atlas Cluster” and you will find out. BTW Sandbox is your cluster name. Thanks

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Seeing your other posts about chapter 3, I assume that this issue is not a problem anymore.

I guess you were to fast to try to connect and the cluster was not yet ready when you tried to connect.