Unable to connect host, using mongoDB compass beta 1.17.0


Hi Joshua_00418,

Please take a look here . Let me know if you have any issues!

PS: Restarting compass mostly solves problem :slight_smile:


Hi Kanika,
I am facing the same issues while connecting to Mongo Compass. The ping and tracert is working for me.
Restarting Mongo Compass is not helping in resolving the error.

same here. but my use is mongo community - stable version. otherwise need that business details for stable edition.

@Kanika thanks for reaching me.
btw I’m unable to download the stable version even after entering the business details.
Please look over that.

Have you tried different browser?

I am able to download just fine. Please share the screenshot of the error you are seeing and I will take a look.

Thanks, Kanika

Please share the whole connection parameters. Check for Replica-Set name too.


Please see.

That only tests whether you can find the host. Can you connect with Netcat?

netcat cluster0-shard-00-00-jxeqq.mongodb.net 27017

Could be that it’s called nc on your box.

Also, are you working from home or from a corporate environment? Could be that the network in question is blocking your access.

I have the same problem.
and Unable to connect to remote host

HI Lena_52355,

Also try if you can connect to our Atlas cluster by pinging.


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