Unable to confirm user

Hi, I am new to MongoDB Realm. I’m trying to build a simple app using react js and MongoDB realm. I have setting authentication using anonymous and email/password. In email/password authentication, I have set the confirmation method to automatically confirm user. I also have saved the draft and deploy the config, but when I am trying to register a new user from my web app, the user does not automatically confirmed by MongoDB, so the status is still pending, like this

I have read the documentation and it says “… Realm immediately confirms new Email/Password users after registration …”. I would like to know if anyone has experienced this, and how to deal with this?

Thanks in advance

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I realized that the user status was “Pending User Login”, so I tried to log in to my web app, and apparently, it worked. But, I am still confused as, why the user goes to the pending list when first-time registration. any thought?

I have the same issue. I selected ‘automatically confirm users’ in Atlas Realm but when I register a new user with app.emailPasswordAuth.registerUser(email, password), the new user is flagged as ‘pending confirmation’ and they cannot log in until they are confirmed. What am I missing?

I don’t think the user record is technically created until the confirmed user signs in for the first time.

I just tested it. I logged in on a confirmed user, then my authentication trigger (which triggers after user creation) ran and created my additional user info.

Esto sucede por que nunca se llego a ejecutar esta tarea, en c# seria algo como

var xd = app.EmailPasswordAuth.RegisterUserAsync("hola@chau.com", "19sd5998984");

la variable xd contendrá todo lo resuelto.

When we add a user through the Atlas Cloud UI, it automatically confirms it, why doesnt it do the same for registering through SDK? The trigger onUserCreated needs to happen when the user is created not when the user is logged in. Whats the whole point in having that then?