Unable to change Sync read/write permissions

I am experimenting on the free tier. I tried set read/write permissions of sync to:

  "%%true": {
    "%function": {
      "arguments": [
      "name": "canReadWritePartition"

The function is defined, but it won’t update and I am shown the following error.

only [uri, clusterId, clusterName, clusterType, clusterSize, clusterUpdated, dbUsername, dbPassword, lastUpdated, wireProtocolEnabled, regionName, groupName, orgName, namespacePreimageConfigs, readPreference, readPreferenceTagSets, sync, sync_query, connect_through_mesh] are allowed config options

What am I doing wrong please?

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Hello @MagnifcoSpecifico , Welcome to community forums :slight_smile:

Thank you for raising this. This is an internal issue not necessarily what you are doing and the engineering team is currently investigating it. I will update you, once more details come to light.
Appreciate your patience meanwhile.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Hello @MagnifcoSpecifico ,
Thank you for your patience.
The team is still investigating this, but there is a workaround shared by my colleague @Paolo_Manna that you can follow from this post


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