Unable to call a Realm-Function via AVD

I’m having strange problems that I don’t think have been described before.

Authentication is OK: “V/QUICKSTART: Successfully authenticated anonymously.”

The app in Android Studio ran without problems in AVD until a month ago.
Now I get the message “INVALID_SESSION(realm::app::ServiceError:2): invalid session” when I run the app in Android Studio.

On the realm server, this message “invalid session” is also there.


If I create an apk file and install it on a smartphone, there are no problems.

Android Studio 4.1.1 (Windows 10) has not been updated either.

What could be the cause?

Thanks for an answer in advance.

GraphQL doesn’t actually support the long type, so we cast it to string to preserve the data. If you’re OK with using 32-bit Integers, I would suggest using Int in your JSON schema instead. https://graphql.org/learn/schema/#scalar-types