Unable to call a hyperlog log function inside the map reduce in Mongo db

I am working with hll js to merge two hll in mongo db,hll js provide that support but when i m using the hll functions inside the map function in mongo db it is giving refrence is not defined error

js file is included using load command in mongo shell

Pasting Code below

var mapFunction1 = function() {
var hllSet = hll.fromHexString(this.unique_imsi_hll).hllSet;
   emit(this.shape_id, hllSet);

var reduceFunction1 = function(key, values) {
   return Array.sum(vaues);

   { out: "inline" }

“errmsg” : “MapReduce internal error :: caused by :: ReferenceError: hll is not defined :\n@:2:5\n”,