Unable to authenticate in mongoimport lab

Hi !
I am facing impossibility to resolve this lab due to authentication failure while issuing this command:

mongoimport --port 27000 -u "m103-application-user" -p "m103-application-pass" --db applicationData --collection products /dataset/products.json

I get the following output:

2022-10-30T19:13:54.027+0000    error connecting to host: could not connect to server: connection() : auth error: sasl conversation error: unable to authenticate using mechanism "SCRAM-SHA-1": (AuthenticationFailed) Authentication failed.

The ‘ps | grep mongod’ command dumps the following:

  142 root      0:04 mongod --port 27000 --dbpath /var/mongodb/db --auth --logpath /var/mongodb/logs/mongod.log --logappend --fork

Am I missing anything obvious ?

Use authentication database as admin in your command