Unable create or edit Realm triggers / Are Realm triggers compatible with MongoDB Atlas 4.4

Editing or creating Realm triggers always returns the error “Failed to Deploy: error processing request” when clicking the “Deploy and Push to Github” from the Realm UI. Pushing changes thru Github causes existing triggers to stop working with no error in the deployment log or console log. The existing triggers have been working for at least 12 months…

Hi Jeff – Are you able to send me a link to your Atlas project? It would be helpful to take a look at the error messages as well as configuration to see what the issue might be. Note – Triggers does support 4.4 clusters by Pre-images, specifically, require the cluster to be 5.0.

Hi Drew - Thank you for the quick response. Would you please advise how to privately send you the Atlas project link? Also, which link do you require, Realm project or an individual trigger?

BTW, when creating or editing a trigger the trigger JSON now includes "full_document_before_change": false and "extended_json_enabled": false (function type is EventBridge only) parameters. I suspect these parameters are not compatible with MongoDB 4.4 and might be causing the Failed to Deploy: error processing request error.

Hi Drew - I upgraded the database to v5.0.3 and am still not able to update or create triggers in an existing Realm application. The application is tracked in Git and the error occurs after clicking the “Review Draft & Deploy”. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

MongoDB Realm application has an entirely new project structure! For anyone else experiencing this issue with a MongoDB Realm application linked to a GitHub account with “Enable Automatic Deployment” set, read on.

The only solution which worked for me was to 1) click “Disable Automatic Deployment” (under deployment), 2) export and download the project code, 3) copy new project code over existing local project, 4) manually delete the deprecated auth_providers directory and config.json file, 5) commit changes locally to git, 6) click “Enable Automatic Deployment” and 7) push local changes to to GitHub.

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