Unabale to download file loadMovieDetailsDataset.zip

I can´t download file “loadMovieDetailsDataset.zip”. I receive the following error message:


This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below.

AccessDenied Access Denied 2C0A03ABDFF321C2 KW521uXgTSp4mkA1Qs6zwoy0MPW326q1hD8lbvMqWWo1AjUYSVPjj721XA4GQ5Atbxi50sgfBIU=

I am having the same problem

I am also getting same error

Are you not able to download the file from handouts?
Is the link pasted above is from rt click on handouts?

I can access the file using this link based on the dir structure mongo team maintains for each month

May be they gave wrong link?
Not sure.Course instructors can confirm that

I am also facing the same problem.

Thank you! It worked.

Thanks this link worked

Hi all,

[Update- Nov 5,2019] :arrow_right: - The issue has been resolved now

[Old post] :arrow_down:

@Francisco_Manoel_da_Silva_27618, @Abdullahil_Baki_Md_58070, @Ramachandra_37567, @Vinoth_06208, @Francisco_Manoel_da_Silva_27618, @Bashudev_60117

Due to some technical issue, some of our users are not able to download the handouts in M001. We are looking into it and the issue will be fixed soon.

Meanwhile, please use this link to get access to the download links of all the handouts in the M001.

Hope it helps!

If you have any other issue then please feel free to get back to us.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer

I am unable to load the data loadMovieDetailsDataset to the sandbox cluster I getting 800A1391 error code. Please help

Hi @Eddie_11920,

Closing this thread as it is a duplicate question. You have already asked this question in this post.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Support Engineer