UI: Is it possible to change a topic to a different category with different tags

I created the topic below:

However, the best place should be “Drivers & ODMs” category, with tags like “dot-net”, like below:


But I cannot edit the topic and add any tags.

Hi @Ping_Pong,

Some site permissions (like editing categories & tags) depend on the trust level for your account in the forums. As you spend more time interacting in the forums, you will earn more privileges.

However, if you ever need assistance with a post you can always flag it for moderator attention. For category/tag edits use the “Something Else” category and let us know what assistance is needed.

I adjusted category & tags for the post you mentioned.



Thanks for your help.

But I think this policy of restricting users to such a level is creating more works for everyone, which is not necessary.

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