Typo in Chapter 4, Comparison Operators Lecture

I’ve noticed some typos in the course so far, but usually just in the English - not in the code itself. However, there’s a big discrepancy in the video + examples below it in the first Lecture in Chapter 4.

Around 1:07, we are taught that “$neq” is the operator for ‘not equal to’. But then both in the text below the video and in the codes shown, while looking for sample data “$ne” - without the letter q - is used.

Easy enough to change the notes I took and learn the right one, but it’s tough when the official materials are telling you to use two different words entirely.

Hi @Becca_Garcia,

Thanks for surfacing this. It’s a typo in the slides. We will get it fixed.

The correct form is $ne.

~ Shubham