Two questions about setting up flexible sync

I’m just starting out with Realm and device sync so these are quite basic questions.
I have an existing app that contains models that I want to use to create my collection schemas. So I’m in Developer mode letting the app set up the schemas. This means there are no query fields that are selectable at the server when enabling flexible sync.

  1. Can I select the query fields after the app has created the collections?
  2. Do I need to make sure my device models have unique field names for the query fields? When I did a test, the selectable query field names in flexible sync set up, are just field names with no collection names to make them unique.

Hi, you can select fields after the app has created the collections and you can even “add them” before they have been created using dev mode (you just type them in). Either works.

Im not totally sure what you are asking in this second part. The queryable field names are just field names “user_id”, “category”, “tags”, etc. They can be present in any/all/none Schemas and that is valid.


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Thank you @Tyler_Kaye you’ve actually answered both questions. My second question was down to a misunderstanding so that’s fine.