Twilio function error

i am trying to call a twilio function but getting > trace:
FunctionError: Authenticate—

Hi @Ashutosh_singh_bhada – welcome to the community!

Can you confirm that you’ve set up your Twilio credentials in your Realm app?

Can you share the code for the function that’s trying to call Twilio?

Are there any logs generated in your Twilio account?

hi, i have setup in Twilio credentials in Realm app.
my function is
exports = async function sendInvite() {
const twilio =“Twilio”);
// const numbers = ["+447957432004"];
// numbers.forEach(number => {
let result = await twilio.send({
to: “+918839547871”,
from: “+447401246563”,
body: “The Secret Fishie Story on Secret Story Network is starting now!\n”
return result

// });


hey @Andrew_Morgan I have shared a function

I just tested that function and it works for me.

I’d suggest reentering your Twilio ID and token.

Also, check to see if there are any logs showing in your Twilio account.

Thank you @Andrew_Morgan