Trying to update a Realm db with data from a JSON file

I am a complete beginner to using Realm but I have got a lot of information in a JSON file that I need to add to a local Realm database. I am using Realm Studio to view the Realm file but I can’t see anyway to take the data from JSON and update the Database.

The JSON file should have most of the same property data with perhaps some added ones. I would be looking to try to point from each item in the JSON file to each property and update the data in the realm database if it already exists or add the property if it doesn’t.

I generally use python, but I see that that may not be supported. I am completly lost with how to set it up to get the data in. I have been looking for beginners guides but I can’t find any.

Hi Ben,
what platform are you running Realm on? Is this a one-off operation or something that needs to be done from your app?