Trying to sum up the basics

I’m currently halfway through week 1 content and I just want to confirm if I got some concepts right…
A database contains collections related to the database scope (e.g videos database, which may have collections of videos.movies, videos.series, videos.cartoons), each collection has several documents which represents fields, and a field which contains fields itself (each with their own data types) has nested documents, which makes it a document itself (e.g air temperature).
Am I on the right track here? It’s not a whole lot to take in but it’s quite easy to make a mess out of the concepts since they are so flexible.

Hi @Mateus_06191,

I understand that it can be a lot to grasp if you are new to database.
However, you doing a great job in getting familiar with the concepts!!

I would recommend that in addition to the video lectures, please go through the documentation also:

Please let me know, if you have any further doubts.


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