Trying to Connecting to my Sandbox Cluster from the mongo Shell

Hello. I hve windows 10. I cant make a Connecting to Your Sandbox Cluster from the mongo Shell. When I trying to connect - I have the Mongo Shell installed. My Mongo Shell vesion 4.2, then i copy the link and run it in cmd. The problem is that the link dont have password, only user name. In cmd after i pasting the link i need to write i passport, but when i typing nothing heppen, only Enter button work and then i failed to connect.Screenshot (33)

I see that the command is different then what shown In Lesson. But I see also that this is different version of what shown in Lesson. I changed the project name, I did - Allow Access from Anywhere. I Created a user with the following credentials:

  • username: m001-student
  • password: m001-mongodb-basics

Then I trying to connect from the cluster to get and copy the link as shown in lesson.
What I am doing wrong?

I think I did it.

Hi @Semion_79117,

Yes, finally you were able to connect to your sandbox cluster. Couple of things I would like to mention here :

Yes, by default the password is not appended to the connection string due to security reasons.

Because of security reasons, password doesn’t get reflected on the screen but rest assured that it is getting captured in the background.

To avoid this, you can include the password in your connection string itself using the -p or --password option. Similar to what you did.

Hope it helps!

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Services Engineer

Shubham Rajan. Thank you for your reply. Yes, i did exectly what you explained and I sucssess. It just wasn`t information about -p in lesson, and it is my first time in my life i trying to learn DB.

Closing this thread as the issue has been resolved.