Trying to add sync to ios app but SyncUser is not found

hello everyone,

i’m new with the development of ios app , i’m working with realm database , now i want to work with realm cloud instead of using realm file , can someone help me to do that ?

i did use this :

let config = SyncUser.current?.configuration(realmURL: Constants.REALM_URL, fullSynchronization:true )
var realm = try! Realm(configuration: config)

but SyncUser is not found

thanks for any help

Akram, for starters I would go through the Task Tracker App tutorial on MongoDB Realm

I also wrote a Medium article that shows how to write a simple chat program on top of Realm for iOS.

I hope this was useful


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Just a cursory observation, but you are opening your realm as if it were a local realm. If you are using realm cloud with a MongoDB Realm app you should probably use asyncOpen instead of the synchronous Realm open try! Realm(configuration: config). It should look something like this

    if  let user = {
        let uid =
        // open user realm
        Realm.asyncOpen(configuration: user.configuration(partitionValue: uid),
        callback: { result in
            switch result {
            case .success(let realm):
                self.userRealm = realm
            case .failure(let error):
                fatalError("Failed to open realm: \(error)")

Richard Krueger

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