Trouble with the command "validate_box"

I am using MacOS, but I have experienced some troubles validating box command:

Could you please any idea?

Hi @Christian_Cuenca_46307,

Please try the steps mentioned below:

vagrant@m103:~$ exit

m103-vagrant-env$ vagrant destroy

After this bring up your virtual machine using the following command:

vagrant up --provision

Then, connect to the vagrant instance using ssh. Do not use sudo here.

vagrant ssh

Then, try to validate the box.

Please let me know, if the problem persists.


Hello Sonali,

Tks for your answer; now I get the validate_box key; but unfortunately the vagrant deploy hasn´t any eth1 ip address.

Please your help.

Hi @Christian_Cuenca_46307,

Great!!! You are now successfully connected to the vagrant virtual box.

You can try to run the following command to check the IP address:

ping m103

You should see the output as shown in the screenshot below:

Please let me know, if you have any questions.


Tks, it´s working.

It seems that after I connect again to vagrant, I have obtained an eth1 ip address.

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