Trouble running my final exam

I am having trouble running my final exam of the course “M001: MongoDB Basics”, is locked in the first question (I already answered the first question) and does not go to second question.
How to proceed? The problem print below.
I finished Chapter 3 on November 14th. Do I have to wait until November 20 to take the final exam?
I’m very worried.

Hi gnomobhz,

The left side panel is provided through which you can select the next question or any question. You can also change your answer before the deadline closes.


The deadline for completing the Final exam is 20 Nov 17:00 UTC. You will be able to see your grade after 20 Nov 17:00 UTC.


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Hi kanika, thanks for the quick reply and sorry for my bad english,

But the problem is that when I click on any question the error below appears.

help me , please

Livre de vírus.

Hi kanika, now it’s normalized. thank you

Livre de vírus.