Trouble Reconnecting to Database

I am trying to get back into the database to finish chapter 1 and for some reason it will not connect. I was connected to the database on Friday. I tried to connect today and I keep getting a connection error. I put in all the credential information it requires and I still can not get it to come up. Can you offer some advice? It won’t let me connect to the one I had open before and saved as a favorite and it will not connect to a new one either.

Thank you!

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Renee` Pratto

Hi @Renee_29409,

Can you please share the screenshot of the error that you are getting. Then, we can debug the issue.


Thank you for your response. I apologize as I should have added a screenshot. However, I wanted to let you know I resolved the issue. It was a network problem at work.

Have a great day!!

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