Trigger appears to be unresponsive in the morning

Our trigger appears to be unresponsive in the morning. Actions are not being preformed by the trigger.

  • Upon investigation the following has been noticed:
    • Latest Heartbeat is up to date
    • Last Cluster Time Processed appears to be stuck at around 6.34-6.36 in the morning
    • The functionality catches up and returns to normal after around 10-11 am
  • No other triggers have displayed this functionality so far


What can be wrong? I contacted the mongo project support - they did not answer a single request.

Hi @Ilona_Hancharova - Welcome to the community.

I assume you’ve raised a support case in this instsance but correct me if I’m wrong here. In this case, could you DM me the support case number?

Note: The support case is not the same as the chat support

Instructions on how to open a chat with a support agent and raising a support case noted here. Raising a support case will require a Developer Support plan or higher.