TranslatorFatalError with Sync

I’m new to using Sync and I’ve been encountering the following issue:

I enable Sync (dev mode). Everything looks fine in the logs. Then I make a change to a document in a synched collection (either from Compass of directly in Atlas: it’s the same) and the logs show the following error:

failed to start background translator failed: failed to start sessions during translator registration: error starting/resuming session: recoverable event subscription error encountered: error binding session during translator registration { appPartitionId:XXXXXXXX } : error sending bind message for session with ident 5: messenger closed

Error syncing MongoDB write

It also does not stop showing “Enabling Sync…copying data” at the top of my screen. And as a result, my client app does not show the change I’be made to the collection.

Any idea what may be going on? Thanks in advance!

A common cause of sync issues during development is schema changes (either on the Atlas or app side).

My first step is always to remove the app from the mobile device (removes any existing synced data) and then remove the sync config through the Realm UI and then re-add it.

Another thing to check is whether all of your current Atlas documents match the current schema – you can check this by clicking the “Validate” button on the Realm UI’s schema view.

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