"Top-k" sort optimization

Hi Jose

With reference to the discussion around optimization (Chapter 6), the example shown has a $limit stage preceding a $sort stage.

Ideally the reverse will be the case i.e. you first $sort and then $limit the output results. Do you still get “Top-k” optimization in this case?

The documentation implies you do but the example seeems very specific



Yes, you do. Indeed the query optimizer tries to coalesce the $limit into the $sort when possible:



José Carlos


Both $limit before $sort and $sort before $limit will limit the working set of $sort, but they have significantly different semantics. The example in this section should be fixed to use $sort before $limit.

The docs explain that when $sort precedes $limit then $sort can be optimized as a top-k sort. When $limit precedes sort it already reduces the result set, so $sort doesn’t have to do anything extra to use that limit. It benefits for free.

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