Tips for watching videos

  1. There is one presenter who speaks quite fast. I would suggest changing the video speed to 75% so that you can better hear what is being said.

  2. Watch the videos with the closed captions on. I would also suggest changing the cc settings as below so that you can better see them:


Making the changes above to the closed captioning will result in the following:


Hi @Jennifer_45288,

For such cases, you can always go and refer to our transcripts for every lesson.

In the bottom right corner of every video, you’ll see a button that says “Show transcript”. Clicking on that will give you the complete transcript as in the screenshots below.

Curriculum Support Engineer

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Another approach, taking us back to our college days, is to read the transcript first. Note questions you might have. Then watch the video to cement what you read.


Thanks Muskan and Scott for the additional helpful suggestions. Scott’s suggestion of reading the transcript first also reminded me of another tip. Before starting a new video, I scroll down to the lecture notes section. Sometimes there is errata listed there that is helpful to know before starting the video.

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