Tinder like app with MongoDB Realm

Hi, I’m a newbie developer and i want to build a tinder-like app in React Native with some features like chat, geolocation…etc.
At first i wanted to build my own API with NodeJS and MongoDB but then i found out about MongoDB Realm. I would like to know if MongoDB Realm can do the job?

Hi @Ali_Khodr,

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Yes, one of MongoDB Realm and Atlas platforms advantages is it gives you all the backend tools you need to build scalable apps like Tinder.

From authentication through most popular providers (Google, Facebook, Apple etc.) To crud and aggregation capabilities with rule based access to your data from the frontend app itself as well as event driven triggers and mobile sync for offline first development.
Also you can integrate various aws services to store pictures or files:

_Stitch was rebranded as Realm _

Please read the introduction:

Good luck!