Times series vs regular collection performances

I’m using Mogo community edition on 4.4 version in replicaset and classical collection, but i start reaching max performances on this clusters.
So i plan to switch for Timeseries on Shard in 6.0.0 (4x conf server replica + 4x RS1 + 4x RS2 + 2 mogos) usng DEV scaleway servers ( 2GB ram, 2 Cpu, 300Mb network, SSD), architecture is deployed, but, my performances seems bad.

Because of the hardware impact, I started by doing a comparaison with:

  • One node Mongo 6,.0.0 standard collection
  • One node Mongo 6.0.0, timeseries collection

mongo are on the exact same machine configuration, fresh install (ubuntu) , and indexes are similar ( I added same indexes on both)

Doing bluck writes (500 , 5000, 10000 items) i discovered that writes are slower than regular collection:

  • 6500 doc/s on Timeseries
  • 7500 doc/s on regular

I was expecting a better ingestion rate on timeseries (than regular collection), Im i missing something?

many thanks
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I was checking time inside my python script, using pymongo, and reversing ingestion order (regular collection prior to TS), changed all the results.
I achieved similar ingestion Rate, but a lot of improuvement in time queries and storage size.

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