Timeframe for Homeworks should be the complete course

Hi there,
first of all, I must praise the quality of your courses. I still have a small suggestion for improvement.

I think it would be much better if you didn’t have to do the labs in the respective week, but if you could schedule the time for completing the labs completely freely within the three weeks of the course.

With me, for example, it was the case that I took courses in parallel and I wanted to take the first course in the first week and the other courses then in week two and three. This is not possible now because the labs for week one and week two are blocked in the other courses.

Of course I would also appreciate feedback from other course participants. Would it be an improvement for you too or do you think the current state is fine

Kind regards,
Alexander Stautner

Hey @alexanderstautner

So to address taking multiple courses, what I did was just complete the week one chapter work for each course and then finish them in the order I desired. The courses are fairly related and I thought it even helped sometimes while taking courses in parallel.

Well for me I do like that there is a deadline for assignments, so I am for the current state. :slight_smile:

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I’m taking three courses at once and I’m on my second batch of three courses. I think it helps to have the weekly deadline, otherwise we’ll become complacent and pile up the labs and exams till last minute.

I believe that the entire course content is available. You just have to complete a week in sequence before the next week’s content unlocks.