Time out problem at ssh auth method(Timed out while waiting for the machine to boot), while running vagrant up --provision in windows 8 pro

First time everything worked fine also updated the shell.

But when, tried 2nd time I am always getting the same error

vagrant up --provision

monogd-m-103:SSH auth method: private key
Timed out while waiting for the machine to boot…("Config.vm.boot_timeout) vale.

I am working in Win8 Pro

I’ve walked through this error message with someone else. But first, can you try the following:
vagrant destroy -f
vagrant up --provision

And if it still errors, show us a full screenshot of the entire output.

Hi @Gagan_76022,

If it doesn’t help then please have a look at this thread in stackoverflow.

Shubham Ranjan
Curriculum Services Engineer