Ticket2: User facing backend {Paging test issue => status page "Paging: Did not receive the proper response when paging by cast"}

Here my code:
public List getMoviesByGenre(String sortKey, int limit, int skip, String… genres) {
// query filter
Bson castFilter = Filters.in(“genres”, genres);
// sort key
Bson sort = Sorts.descending(sortKey);

List<Document> movies = new ArrayList<>();
// TODO > Ticket: Paging - implement the necessary cursor methods to support simple
// pagination like skip and limit in the code below
return movies;

The server returned json data with code 200.
My unit tests was executed with success.
I don’t understand why i can’t have the code of paging test on status page.
Thank you for your help

Hi @malembetirick,

Please share the console error messages when you run the Status page for validation code. There will be some errors due to which it is not generating the code.


@Kanika, can you please give me access to the homeworks of ticket 2: user facing backend. So I can push my homeworks from last week. I have big weeks at work, so I’m not always available, but I want to get my certificate and for that, I have to maximize my chances.

Thank you in advance

Hi @malembetirick,

I am afraid we cannot do that. :frowning:

You can continue with the course for learning. If you wish, you can register for the next offering again.

I am sorry for the confusion, for every course, >=65%, we offer course completion confirmation.
The MongoDB certificate is different and you can read more here: https://university.mongodb.com/certification