Ticket X fails but I'm sure my implementation is correct!

There have been a few cases now that people have reported they are sure their implementation is correct but they still can’t pass the unit tests, or the status page is failing to validate but “unit test is passing”.

After connecting to several clusters and helping individual students, please keep the following in mind:

  1. Change the secret key in your .env file
  2. Ensure you have the dataset correctly loaded. If the first test fails, especially on checking for 45993 documents you do not have the correct data and will not be able to pass all the tests
  3. Do not alter the unit tests or the API layer in any way. This is a bit like selecting 4 as the answer to “what is 2 + 3” and then erasing the 3 and replacing it with a 2.
  4. Really look at the unit tests. Most of them give implementation details!
  5. Please try to do the tickets in order. We’ve decoupled as much as we can, but some later functionality is dependent on previous implementation. If you skip the Create/Update user ticket, for example, none of the other user centric tickets will work correctly.

If you’ve done all this and searched the forums and you are still convinced something is amiss please bring it up and we’ll look into it further.


@nathan.leniz Don’t forget to add:

  • Tickets must be completed in sequence. Some tickets require functionality to be implemented in an earlier ticket in order for them to pass.

Something along those lines.

Would be good if this were different, but currently a good deal of the front end tests depend on the addUser() method being correctly implemented since it’s going to be used as part of the authentication process.

Quite a few posts here came down to people trying to solve later tickets when they still had not resolved that one. Of course most if this is too late for this iteration of the course, but at least it’s boilerplate for the next one.

Could you please post the same in M220J? We have the same problem in there too.

Thanks for the suggestion, added.

I will indeed, thanks!