Ticket Validation - status page could be better

Hi I had a following problem when implementing the delete comment funtionality: After implementing the desired functionality and passing the unit tests I could not get the validation to work. The page returned something that the deletion had been done by the program but not correctly. After spending a lot of time I found out that the error was because I had forgotten to return the comments (from getMovie) ordered by date.

Altough it said that the comments were to be returned ordered in a previous task this did not have anything to do with the task at hand and I could not figure out why:

I suggest tjhe following:

  • Stating clearly what is validated in every test of the status page
  • Giving more detailed information about the error

The status page is a black box when one does not know what is tested, in what order and what is the passing criteria


Hi @Daniel_57690,

Thanks for sharing the detailed and valuable feedback. Let me see what we can do about this.

Please continue sharing any suggestion/issue you have for the course. :slight_smile: