Ticket: User Management M220JS - Ticket: User Management (status)

Ticket: User Management

Hello, my tests have been successfully passed but I don’t get a status code. What do I need to do?

I got the same problem:Uploading: user_managment_page.GIF…


Perhaps someone has some ideas for solving this issue? The same problems are with other tickets

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What are the error messages from the console?

Nobody can help when the only information supplied is ‘it does not work’.

It didn’t show any error. Where should I look at to find the errors that you mean?

@Nu_81142, did you hit the http:/…/status page directly? If you did try going at the home page and use the Status button to go to the status page.

Yes I did. I hit the link status page on the Ticket assignment page

I just hit the STATUS button and nothing displayed.

@andrewrymar, you are not helping by posting a screenshot of another problem. Please help on the origin problem of this thread and post your problem into another thread. It is too hard to work on 2 issues on the same thread.

Nothing displayed?

But you did ‘npm start’?

Yes I did. I waited until the test PASS, then entered nom start, then hit the link status page. The page let me LOGIN and enter the username and password. The list of the movies showed.

I and @Nu_81142 have the same problem

I’m sorry, typo error on my last post. I entered npm start.

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Yes andrewrymar.
I did changed to use different browsers and still didn’t help.

It was not really clear because the screenshot you provided indicates that you have a problem with getMovieByID().

I saw that error in mine too and traced to the moviesDAO.js, It was for the Ticket: Get Comments which would be implemented later after this ticket and the Ticket: User Preference. So should I waive to run this ticket until the tickets User Preference and Get Comment were passed?

@steevej-1495 I didn’t change getMovieByID()

Oh! Then why did you post a screenshot where the only thing wrong was something about getMovieByID?

Actually, I don’t really what to know why because there is already too much noise in this thread. @Nu_81142, you should make User Management to work first. I don’t remember the exact order of the tickets. I mentioned getMovieByID because of the screenshot of andrewrymar.

Nu_81142, at this point I would reload the dataset before doing any other investigation.