Ticket: User Management ("Login_user" does not insert the Session collections)

The PyJWT package 2.0.0 is throwing this error when generating a token during insert Session collections:

encoded_token = jwt.encode(token_data, secret, algorithm).decode('utf-8')

AttributeError: ‘str’ object has no attribute ‘decode’

I have solved installing downgraded version to make it work after uninstall 2.0.0 version

pip install PyJWT==v1.7.1

Hi @Fabio_Cresci

I’d double check your local settings in terms of the installed Python library dependencies from the requirements.txt file. The PyJWT is pinned to version 1.7.1 if you use the requirements.txt file per the setup instructions for the virtual environment (PyJWT==1.7.1). I’d suggest you double check your local library versions to ensure you do not encounter any further errors.

Kindest regards,